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Thread: Hardware Needed To Uplaod

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    what hardware (prob need software too) will i need to upload vhs cassetes onto my pc?

    is there anyway of recording stuff off tv onto my pc?

    or just recieveing tv or sky direct to my computer, how would i then record to hard drive?

    the same for fm radio, how do i record programs from the likes of radio 1 for example as they oftne only play sum songs once n you can never find them, especially sum of the white labels n remixes?

    i know thius is a lot to ask but would be greatful for any info (including prices) around this subject, if anyone feels they have sumthihng else to add which i have missed off i would appreciate your response.

    many thanks.

    p:s, my graphics card has tv, but i have no idea how o connect my pc to the tv as there are many films on it i could just take round to a mates n watch them on his tv n leave it there wen free houses occur.

    i presum in the tv out function, you can record to vhs?

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    the hardware u need is just a tv card like hauppauge and some other manufacturers sell. U can then get software packages thtat record the feeds to hard drive. If u want to store radio as well, u might want a tv card with built in radio (tho u can fairly easily set something up through your soundcard )
    I take it your video card has s-video tv out? IF so u will need to buy a s-video to rca adaptor in order to connect it to your telly. (I'm assuming your telly has rca connectors, most decent sized ones do)

    Theres lots more info about connecting your telly to your computer already available in theis section, just do a search.


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