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Thread: Direct Connection

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    I just want to know if you can use a serial cable to the parellel port on both computers to transfer files thankyou

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    if u mean connect up 2 computers through the parallel port on each computer then yes i think u can do that

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    I believe so, but I also think, from what I have heard, the transfer rates would be pure crap.

    Any one else?

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    me mates house has got 4 pc's in various parts of the house all linked to each other.

    using one as the main kazaa machnoie for downlaods n the others can copy which ever files over they want

    not sure how he dun it but it bloody quick and i can always take mine round n just connect it to the power supply, stick the network cable in the back n the keyboard/mouse/monitor in and away we go.. not installin anything.

    although his dad is md of a networkin company.

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    yep parallel connections are pure crap. maybe i should've mentioned that they're really dated (which is why all the tutorials are for win 95)

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    and what about USB 2.0?

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    Yeah, USB 2.0 (480Mbps) and IEEE 1394a(TYPE 1 = 100Mbps, TYPE 2 = 400Mbps) ought to be both fine. But I don't think you can direct cable connections for those two, but I've seen P2P USB 1.1 cables. If there is such thing as a peer-to-peer IEEE 1394b (800-3200Mbps) cable, I'd strongly recommend it, but I doubt that your PC has compatibility for that interface.

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    belkin wireless kits are good value i run a small network at home on them and transfer rates excellent. xp will set it up for you to.

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    i find wireless a little least compared to regular wired (CAT5 networking)


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