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Thread: How To Remove Spyware/adware

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    I use both. Up till recently AAW6 was way behind. Now with b181 it is as fast or faster than SSD. And the standard AAW6 is freeware just like SSD.

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    Nice one, sharedholder, I'll pin it. B)

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    Nice one, sharedholder,

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    How to remove spyware from Your computer!

    What is Spyware?

    Spyware is a term that evolved when advertising and marketing firms started to include user tracking capabilities into freeware and shareware programs that they sponsor and finacially support that are available as easy downloads on the internet. These tracking features are generally included without the users knowledge.
    Once the computer user installs a software program that includes "Spyware" they are assigned a GUID to fully identify who the computer user is as they surf the internet. This tracking can include the monitoring of the web surfing and buying habits of consumer and can include a great deal of highly identifiable personal information.

    Spyware can be a combination of different programs as executables files and/or cookies and maintain an open connection to the parent developer to transmit user data and information. Generally, these programs work in the background on the computer without the computer users knowledge. These capabilities can be incorporated into any software program and in many cases are included with popular shareware and freeware programs including screensavers, image editors, html editors, MP3 software programs, games, schedulers, calendars etc.

    Free On-Line Spyware Checks!
    If you would like to do a free extensive check of the security of your actual hard drive Steve Gibson's Shields Up! has a FREE on-line analysis tool that can quickly check the security of your computer's connection to the Internet while you are on-line.

    What is Adware?

    Adware is a term that evolved when advertising and marketing firms started to support or sponsor financially struggling software developers of shareware or freeware software programs in exchange for including advertising and promotional capabilities into the software that was being developed.

    In exchange for this financal support the software programer will bundle (include) some form of advertising for the advertiser. These can include statements or pop-up ads. Adware can be included into any software product and by itself is not harmful as long as it is limited to just advertising. Unfortunatly, many Adware programs also include Spyware.


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    Nice Posting B O T and SharedHolders

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    Browser Hijack Blaster

    Browser Hijack Blaster protects your system from browser hijackers and spyware that alters your Internet Explorer settings.

    Running silently in the background, Browser Hijack Blaster only springs into action when an attempt is made. It watches and protects the following items:
    IE Homepage, IE Default Page, IE Search Page, BHOs

    Whenver one of the above items is changed, or a BHO is added, you are immediately provided with information on the item, along with the option to keep the change, or revert to your previous settings.

    Browser Hijack Blaster also can detect changes between the times it is run. If a spyware application tries to install its BHO at boot-up, and change settings at boot-up, before Browser Hijack Blaster is activated, you will be notified and (like the situation above) given the option to keep the change or to revert to your previous settings.

    Browser Hijack Blaster also has a database of values common to spyware programs. If, for example, your homepage is changed to (a known hijacker) you will not only be notified, but a special notice will be displayed that you probably have on your system (and that you should run an anti-spyware program such as Ad-Aware or Spybot S & D).

    Download Browser Hijack Blaster from HERE (Installer is approx. 394 kb.)
    Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP.

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    SpywareBlaster doesn't scan and clean for spyware - it prevents it from ever being installed.

    By setting a "kill bit" for spyware ActiveX controls, SpywareBlaster can prevent the installation of any spyware ActiveX controls from a webpage. It does this while not interfering with "friendly" ActiveX controls - so your browser can work correctly and you can have peace of mind!

    You won't get any more annoying "Yes/No" boxes popped up, asking you to install a spyware ActiveX control (which can increasingly be found in pop-up ads&#33. In fact, Internet Explorer will never even download or run the spyware ActiveX control!

    In addition, SpywareBlaster can prevent many of these spyware ActiveX controls from running, even if they are already installed on your system.*

    The newest SpywareBlaster version can even block spyware/tracking cookies!
    And SpywareBlaster does not need to be running in the background to provide this protection!

    The SpywareBlaster database contains information on these known spyware Active-X controls. Make sure you run the Check For Updates feature frequently to get the latest database! (And make sure you check the new items to protect your system against them&#33

    SpywareBlaster also provides the exclusive System Snapshot! - Take a snapshot of your computer in its clean state, and use System Snapshot later to revert many changes made by spyware and browser hijackers!

    SpywareBlaster System Snapshot works a lot like Microsoft's System Restore for Windows ME/XP - however it exclusively targets items used by spyware and browser hijackers to embed themselves into your system - so you can get the results you want: a spyware-free system. It provides the following benefits:

    Only targets items used by spyware and browser hijackers to embed themselves into your system - so you can get the results that you want: a spyware-free system
    Detects changes and additions - and alerts of both on a restore operation
    Provides a list of changed/added items - so the user has full control over what will be restored
    Covers hundreds of items - including the most popular areas altered by browser hijackers and spyware, as well as many currently un-tapped areas
    And much much more!

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    Ill start by saying Nice post sharedholder and [B][O][T],

    -I have AAW6 pro , SSD, and Norton Internet Security 2003 Pro, i know that's a little over kill but i must say my comp is now like Fort Nox

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    I've been recently told that spybot wasn't updated anymore, which made it deficient. Is that true?

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