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Thread: Average wow Powerleveling price be falls during Christmas !

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    Average wow Powerleveling price be falls during Christmas !

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    on something.
    Wow, you guys sure like starting early.

    Too bad it's most likely a eula-violation and will get anyone you help in trouble with the gms.

    EDit: Oh, man that site is run by complete smackheads, good luck powerleveling people in eve. Bit tricky what with the skill training not being xp-based, but time-based and all, must be a real challenge, haxing time.

    Really nice of them not to spend any gold from the accounts of the players they level in eve. It would be a bit tricky again what with there being no gold in eve, though.
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    If you played wow like i played wow, you would never use a powerleveling service.

    Blizzard has pretty much put the smack down on any and all powerleveling, goldselling, toon transfering services out there.

    I personally ahve leveled up 4 toons to 60, 2 toons to 70, have bought and sold characters, bought and sold gold, used leveling programs(glider) to level up and grind gold, rep and items.

    I've done just about everything in this game, legal and otherwise, and blizzard banned every single character I've owned, including my son's and my legit toons.

    My fault, yes, Bullshit, oh yeah.

    IMHO, if you value your money, and your time and effort in wow, do not ever buy anything for this game.

    One day, you will regret it, I did.
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    Today is the day.

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    is everything.
    Paying someone else to play computer games for you? That doesn't really make sense now does it?

    "Mmmm, I really want to watch this new Harry Potter film but I haven't seen the rest yet. I know, I'll pay someone else to watch the prequels for me."

    I bet the type of players who use these services are a joy to group with on the more challenging end-content activities.

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    i'm surprised that this spam hasn't been deleted yet.
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