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Thread: seeding at sct

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    hi, first of all i'd like to introduce myself to the community. I got a seedbox yesterday and i'd like to know if there's a way of instantly knowing when a torrent has been uploaded to sct. is there any irc channel in which they announce what torrents have been uploaded? i know they announce it on the main channel, but people talk there too, so it's difficult to check ; i mean, i want a channel in which when a torrent is uploaded a bot tells it and nobody talks in that channel, so when the conversation bar flashes i know it's an uploaded torrent and not people talking @irc. i don't like rss in azureus/utorrent, and a rss reader isn't instantaneous. so i think that an irc channel is my best option. i'll listen also tips and ways of seeding you people of sct have. thank you

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    why not set a highlight in irc to alert u of new torrents?

    thats what I do, works fine.

    flashes and makes a beep, simple.
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    i do the highlight thing in another tracker, but that tracker has a channel in which only the messages there are the torrents uploaded. but in the main channel @sct people chat, so if i enable the highlight thing, it will flash and beep when someone talks (all the time) in what channel do you do that and how do you do it? thank you i appreciate your answer.

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    Are you using mIRC?

    If so

    Tools > Address Book > Add > Put in "New Torrent Uploaded: "

    Then download some kind f beep sounds in .wav or .mp3 format and set that to play when the text shows.



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