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Thread: Listing Files In A Directory

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    I want to make a list of my full albums...but I dont want to type them all out. Is there a program that can make a list of files and folders in a text file? Also, I have a lot of stuff on CD-R's (my 19 gig harddrive sucks) so is there any way of quickly indexing them? I know this can be done with the command menu, but i wondered if there was a program that did it for you. Any help appreciated

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    There are a lot of programs out there that do that and have full batch support.

    I ran accross a program like that but it also could rename a mass number of files at one time. The only thing about is that it had to be used from the command line, which for me isnt a problem because Im used to working froma shell prompt but most other people like somthing graphical or with a gui.

    Ill see if I can remember the name of that program or look in my favorites menu to find the site.

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    I use a program names Mpeg Audio Collection(MAC) and it is very good for indexing Music cd's and mp3's on your pc. You can save the indexes on your pc for later use. It can also be use to print the back cover for your music cd's. The index consists out of the name of the folder and the name of all the songs etc it contains.

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    1,772 has a shareware program OrangeCD which would do this, as well as enabling album art to be put into the also has export to text/html, which works cool.

    but if you just want a quick and easy text file go to command prompt and type

    cd "music folder location"

    so it'll look like: c:\mp3s\

    and type dir/s/w file.txt

    and itll do it for you as a text file....simple
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