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Thread: can't upload while dl'ing

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    okay specs are:

    windows server 2003
    pentium 4 2.4ghz
    1gb ram
    7200rpm 240gb drive

    essentially the upload speeds and dl speeds are fine, but I can't to both at the same time. For instance if nothing is downloading I can upload at max speed. When I dl something regardless if its @ 50kBps or 10mBps there is no upload. The upload speed of all my torrents drops rapidly. I have tried abunch of clients. I am using utorrent 1.8 beta. What can I do?!
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    I think you need to open a port on your modem/router

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    Ive noticed this on 2 different boxes. I also always had that problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by escuoop View Post
    I think you need to open a port on your modem/router
    ........? its on a box, I connect with windows remote connect and all. The ports are open if ur talkign about the green check...

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    I also have Vectoral Box with crazy speeds and there's nothing that I know of that will solve ur "problem".

    For me basically what happens is if I have say 4 torrents uploading at say 800kbs each and I jump on a brand new torrent of 700mb, it will download the 700mb file at speeds of upto 10mbs or more but while this happens my other torrents drop right down in speeds as all my bandwidth is being used for the downloading. But as soon as the torrent finishes downloading I could hit 10mbs upload on the brand new one and my others will go back as they were uploading at 800kbs.

    I've no problem with this as how long does it take to download a 700mb file at 10mbs ? Or even a 4gb for that matter.

    I've used quite a few server providers and I find Vectoral the best, especially with FTP speeds too.

    So at the end of the day I don't think much can be done mate ? I'd like to be prooven wrong tho.
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    this is of course an hardware related problem.
    Is it an IDE drive? check on my computer - properties - device manager
    everything below SATA2 is bull*, and probably cheap onboard controller or no drivers correctly installed, check manufacturer's site for latest version of ide/sata controller drivers.
    i did this manually on my previous box, though it can't be compared to this cheapo box, and it showed some improvements. Also, i used 2x250gb SATA2 Raid0 drives, and it was definitely important for the box overall performance. Never had significant slowdowns with that setup.

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    Have you tried playing with the max limits in the clients? calculate your speed when maxed out and set it lower. regardless of whether you are uploading or downloading, your still communication in both directions, and your just maxing out your hardware.

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    i'm not sure if it's supposed to be a problem but whenever i wish to download at higher speeds on a good torrent, i have to cap my upload speed to much lower than my max in order to get the full speed, otherwise my download speed gets crippled somewhat. i think it has to do with the high volume of requests being sent out?

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    I have a leaseweb server running on windows 2003 OS.

    1 GB RAM
    160 GB Hitachi Disk Drive

    IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers
    - Intel 82801GB/GR/GH ( ICH7 Family ) Serial ATA Storage Controller 27C0

    I' using Utorrent 1.7.7.

    First I had the " Disk overload " message on utorrent. This only started a couple of days ago. Everything was fine before that and I don't remember anything strange happening in these 2 days. It just started out of the blue.

    I managed to solve that ( I think ) by increasing the Disk cache on Utorrent from 32MB ( default value ) to 512 MB.

    Then I started having the exact same problem zaa describes. It doesn't matter if I'm downloading at 11 MB or 400 KB... My upload completely stops. This wouldn't be a problem if, as said by fisherman, we are downloading a 700MB file at 11MB/ sec although annoying all the same. The real problem is when you start downloading that same file but only at 400KBps ( 1 seeder only to 40 leechers or whatever ). That means that for a long while you won't upload anything... Of course this will kill your ratios namely if you are talking of fast trackers...

    Strangely enough I also managed to sort of solving this by restarting Utorrent. Again, this is obviously not a sustainable solution cause you'll lose critical time in those fast trackers.

    However, as soon as I add another torrent the problem starts again ( it will only download that one and so on... )

    Has anyone found a solution for this?

    @cabalo Do you think these specs are the origin of the problem? I forgot to mention that there was in fact some intervention on my server. " days ago my traffic was increased from 1TB to 2TB but I don't think that involves any hardware changes, does it? I'm also not very willing to start asking too many questions to leaseweb cause although they close their eyes to people only using the servers as seedboxes the fact is that, officially, they don't allow it. I didn't want to draw unnecessary atention... In fact I wouldn't know how to put it without talking about torrenting...

    Some help would be most appreciated! Many thx in advance!


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    i really doubt your computer specs would contribute anything at all... any modern system these days can run utorrent easy.


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