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Thread: How Do I Fix Out Of Sync Audio In An .avi File

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    how do i fix it i really need to know

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    writing em to dvds then watching them on tv works for me

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    You will get a better response if you post this in the relevant section.
    Don't worry though, I've asked the mods to move it for you.
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    they have stuff on fixing out of sync audio and broken avi videos if you scroll down a bit on this page:

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    yes i know i tried those guides all of them are for mpeg and the ones that r for .avi use virtual dub when i open u the file in virtualdub it says it cant decode it or something

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    what are you using to view the file with?strange how you can view it but vdub cant open it..

    if virtual dub cannot open the file it means you dont have the correct codec installed on your pc for it to run...or there is a fault with the file...use gspot to find what codec is needed to run this file for both video and audio...once youve found the needed codecs and made sure they are installed try again..


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