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Thread: Comcast

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    Has anyone else had any trouble with Comcast internet services? I have a good linksys router, but after I download a good bit I have to reinstall it to get the internet to work again because it seems Comcast is trying to restrict me. They don't have any bandwidth limit in their user agreement or anything, it's just frustrating! Granted, it only takes a few minutes to reinstall, but it's still just annoying to have to do every week or so.

    So..again..anyone with similar problems?

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    Doesnt sound like a isp problem, more like network problem. try without router and see if u still have that problem? Comcast wouldnt disconnect u, just possibly slow u down.

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    They have alot of problems with their wireless network. I use to work for them and own a netgear modem (Linksys router is better). Make sure to check your cables and wep security, and make sure things like fridgerators, microwaves and stuff is not blocking your wireless signal as well.

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