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Thread: Question About P2p Lawsuits Going On

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    Hey, I'm new to the board here at k-lite (sorry if this was posted before). I was just wondering how the RIAA gets ahold of people's names to sue them. I understand that ISPs hand the names over...but my main question is how does the ISP know you are using Kazaa or other P2P networks? Furthermore, I was also wondering if people using newsgroups or FTP are also threatened by this massive lawsuit going on.



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    the riaa uses software and hired hackers to see what your doing. your isp doesnt know you're using kazaa but they are able to monitor your traffic and can tell what you are downloading. also, since kazaa is the most downloaded p2p software in the world it is assumed most people use it. what to do to counter this all? not a whole lot, putting up a firewall and hiding behind a proxy will help but you still have to be careful

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    Thanks for the response.

    I forgot to ask one more question.

    Most of the articles about the lawsuits mention the "sharing" of files. Does this mean that they are looking more for uploaders? Or are downloaders treated the same way. Because I use newsgroups more now...and I just want to get things straight.



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    As far as I know they (the RIAA) is mostly looking for the people who upload it, although I think they are busting people who have "alot".

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    i mean the riaa stated "the more you download and upload the higher the risk is of getting caught" but they'll bust you for one file pending what else is in your shared folder. if they catch your ip they most likely wont bust you if your shared folder is either empty or low in files. now it is unfair not to share but you just have to be careful. the riaa is after everyone. we are everyone. but they won't win...they cant.

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    Anyone know of any sites i can read about this stuff?




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