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Thread: Tv Torrent Help

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    I Read The Instructions But Still Not Sure How To Get Says U Must Upload For Credits...but When I Try To Find A File To Upload I Guess The Tracker Is Not Recoginzing It...anybody Can Help Wit This..thanks

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    All you have to do is download a file let's say lost from another tracker, unrar it so it's in its avi file form , procede to download the torrent file of the same episode of lost from tvt, save it do the same exact location and file name and presto, you're uploading. If you read the faq a little closely it tells you how to do this.
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    sanka is right it's actually very simple. the only trouble you may encounter is in finding the exact same release...but even that shouldnt be too hard. there are really only a couple different sources that i have seen for tv content.

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    U can build up a 300 - 400 Giga buffer in no time. It's really easy to seed there.
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