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Thread: Anyone ever used a seedbox with Senpai or Giga-International?

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    I'm looking at the value server there. about $100USD/month for Gbit and 800GB of HD space... but the set up fee is like $150USD. :/

    And at Giga-Internation, I'm looking at this:

    At the Dedicated Server XL.

    Of course I dont' want to buy either of these without some references... so please let me know if you guys know anything.


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    To be honest each seem too good to be true, but Senpai more than Giga-International.
    A dedicated server with 800GB data storage and a 1Gbit connection for $105 a month? Completly impossible unless that 1Gbit connection is shared between 1000 people.

    Additionally Senpai's pricing is all screwy. A $45 a month difference between the Value and Professional servers, when the only difference is 2GB RAM, which doesn't even cost $45 total? You can get 3 value servers for less than the price of 1 elite server, which would give you combined an additional 2Gbits of bandwidth, 900GB of data storage.

    Personally, I wouldn't trust them at all, just doesn't seem right.
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    I had some bad personal experience with giga... paid setup fee + one month fee (it was about 120€) - have server online for about five days on whole month

    they told me they upgrading servers or smth, didn't get refund or anything else... search forums for more clients like me


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