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Thread: A Paying Kazaa Lite ? Would It Work ?

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    is it possible to make the networks private ? only let certain people in we could trust.
    i mean has to be a way to avoid this baster RIAA,MPAA, because this baster are progressing very fast i don't like it.

    i already made a program for my self the would hide my mp3 and if they get delete the program keep remake them because of backs up.

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    Its impossible with kazaa lite. You would need a new p2p program. And no one would pay. You would only pay for a download service if you could get 100 percent leech access at top speed.

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    Who would want to pay to get on it? Other than the RIAA, they could afford to put a few guys on no problem.

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    a well
    The whole damn thing is just a bunch of bullshit so don't worry about the RIAA you newbie.

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    no it will not work.


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