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Thread: Running Out Of Hd Space

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    If I burn my Kazaa Dixv movies onto a cd-r as a data disc, can I put the movie back onto my hard drive without loosing anything when I'm ready for the whole conversion thing to burn it to a dvd?

    Thanks so much,

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    what i do is i dl the movie than just convert it you will lose hd space but you can get it back after you burn it just delete it after

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    Unfortunately, I am all too new to the burning aspect and I've been spending days (literally) on the guides and forums, etc. to teach myself how to do that. It seems like that entire process will take hours according to what other people are saying, so...........I thought in the meantime I would get them over to cd-r as data because I'm running out of space so that I can start the process.

    Anymore sugguestions are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much

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    steps for making a svcd or vcd......
    STEP ONE: dl the movie
    step 2: put the movie on a cd-r
    step 3: put cd in cd drive and copy it 2 your desktop
    step 4: use virtual tub to take the audio has a guide
    step 5: use TMPGEnc Plus 2 put it in mpeg format
    step 6: use nero to make a vcd or a (s)vcd

    if this doesnt work....go to step 7.....

    step 7: quit life

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    hahahah. you're too funny. I'm going to try it. In the meantime, I am thinking about getting a dvd burner, that is if I don't get to Step 7.

    Would converting to dvd be better, less hassle, better quality, etc. than vcd?

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    Why not just burn the .avi file as data on the cd. you can do whatever you want with it later. It takes 5 minutes to burn then you can delete the file on your computer. Later if you want to make a vcd you can just put the file back on your pc from the cd-r.
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    why do you take out the audio with virtual dub before encoding it with TMPGenc. I&#39;ve never done that and it works fine for me. I just load the divx file into Tmpgenc and convert.
    Also, just out of curiosity, how long is the longest it&#39;s tooken you to encode a file to mpg. For me, it was 21 1/2 hrs, but I did full noise reduction and color correction.

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    if you just started downloading movies and your HD is already almost full
    then you need to get another hard drive. downloading is a headache when you
    have to worry about disk space with every movie.

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    Ya, you can back up avi, mpg, etc, etc, as data, right onto cdrs, or cdrws, or if you want, use the dvd burner, and blank discs, and back them up to that... though even then i still think cdr media is cheaper, even considering capacity, and its slower to burn of course. and when your ready to convert, just copy from the cdr, and put it back on your hard drive.

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    yeh unless your serious about making movies dont get a dvd-rw drive...they&#39;re really expensive to...u can probably get a 250gbHD for the same price as a
    dvd-rw drive


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