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Thread: Im Thinkin Of Gettin A New Hard Drive

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    im thinking of getting a new hard drive

    i have 40 gig at the amount

    how many gigs can i get for uptp 100 pound? im in the uk.
    cant afford no more still in school

  2. Software & Hardware   -   #2 seagate barracuda 160gb 7200rpm 2mb cache 99.97 smaller ones are cheaper.

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    if i do buy it and fit it will i have to remove my old one or can i still keep the data on the disk?

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    If you only have one drive right now then yes. You can set it up as a slave and leave your existing drive installed as the master.

    Both drives can work together in the same system.

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    thats ok then cheers

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    160gb should be plenty on its own, you cuold prob get 40 for your old drive if you advertise it in freeads or local paper so in theory ya new drive will cost ya 60. if you install norton ghost on your current drive you can transfer all your files (clone) from your current drive to the new one so it will save re-installing all ya files. firstly install new drive as slave (set jumpers- ref to manual that comes with it) you may have to change jumpers on old drive to master with slave and also bios settings, try auto detect drives once new drive is in. once installed open ghost program and use the cloning feature, once its done take out your old drive, reset jumpers on new drive to master and all should be tickety boo. hope this is off some use to you.


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