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Thread: Any One Have And Workprints?

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    anyone wanna boast about any. I heard the one for men in black 2 has standins for the aliens

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    ilmao that would be funny. i want that

    i wanna see the jay and silent bob one
    sed to have xtra scenes

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    I Just Did A Search On IRC And These Are The Workprints That Were There : -

    The Hulk
    A Man Apart
    How To Deal
    The Secret Lives Of Dentists

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    cool- although i neverr really understood irc....

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    Goto mIRC
    Download It

    Then Set It Up By Using This Tutorial

    Go To IRC Spy or Packetnews

    search for what u want, then click the packet number and paste it in mIRC

    e.g. search for workprint

    Hope this helps

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    thanks alot

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    no worries if u need help jus say, cuz even i cant understand some of the stuff i write


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