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Thread: How do i use mirc and usenet

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    I'm pretty savy with all p2p software like dc++ and bit torrent.
    but i never was able to fiigure out mirc everytime i would got to a channel in mirc
    i could never figure out how to download a file. or i would end up in que with my connection timming out.

    usnet i just don't know where to start. do i ave to pay to use please help

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    to get an idea about newgroups like usnet check the link below.

    As for mirc you could try this guide below but I am not sure if it still applies today since the last time it was updated was om 2006.
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    There are many different ways in which to download files through IRC depending on what software/bots, etc., are being used.

    In whatever IRC channel you visit they will have the rules posted in the topic, explaining these things....

    As far as Usenet, if your have a good ISP, then you will have free Usenet access, you need to contact them and ask them, and then ask them for the NNTP server address so you can log on to it. Typically you'll need to use a user name and password to access it.

    The speeds and retention won't be the greatest, but then you might luck out and get some decent speeds and retention. With my ISP I can get around 200K-400K downloads with around a 14-30 day retention, not so bad for free.

    Here's a good place to start and learn:

    Make sure you also pop into the Newsgroups section for any additional Usenet help you need.
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