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Thread: freethescene question

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    does anyone know how there bonus system works

    some people say its 1.5hr but i dont think so..
    i like skittles.

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    What the hell are these Karma Bonus points, and how do I get them? - For every hour that you seed a torrent, you are awarded with 1 Karma Bonus Point...
    If you save up enough of them, you can trade them in for goodies like bonus GB(s) to your upload stats, getting more invites, or doing the real Karma booster... give them to another user, and yes! Will only give "Seed Point" for one torrent no matter how many are seeded.

    Other things that will get you karma points:

    • Uploading a new torrent = 15.0 point(s)
    • Comment/Post = 0.5 point(s)
    • Saying thanks = 0.5 point(s)
    • Rating a torrent/post = 0.5 point(s)
    • Voting on poll = 1.5 point(s)
    • Idling in #FTS on IRC = 1.5 points(s) /hr
    from /mybonus.php


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