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Thread: Private Trackers, need some help

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    I've been leeching off public trackers for a long time now, I havent bothered looking into private trackers since I've had a slow connection, and couldnt leave my computer on for long periods of time because of my parents, so I would probarly never get a good ratio.

    But I have moved out now
    And gotten a sweet connection, at least compared to before, and the public trackers just wont cut it anymore. Figured I need to go privat where the good stuff and awesome speeds are, but I have no idea how to go about, what do I do, where do I start?

    Hope someone can guide me a little.

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    haha congratulations on your new connection.
    You should start with some basic private trackers like TorrentBytes and BitSoup.
    These are some of the easiest trackers to get into.
    In a month you will be able to access the invite section, and make some requests for better and more "rare" trackers.

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    Lot of private torrent sites have open registrations. Try some of them. Recently some of the best trackers had open signup's so keep looking in the open signup's section.

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