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Thread: Pf Usage?

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    Not sure if this is right forum? but oh well!
    If u open your Window's Task Manager how many processes is your comp
    running right now? and also how much is your PF usage?

    I was wondering because mine is

    36 processes
    210 mb PF

    my comp seems a bit sluggish and wondered what anyone else thinks/usage!


    my comp:
    XP P4 2.53,
    512ram, ti4600 128mb graphics,
    80GB hard drive.

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    Your pagefile should be at least as large as your ram. I usually set mine to a constant 800 mb to avoid fragmentation and increase speed and stability.

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    If your computer is sluggish, I would suggest you open task manager, on the processes panel, go to view -> select columns, and check CPU time.

    Then look and see which process is eating CPU cycles it shouldn't, and lower its priority, or kill it entirely.

    If there doesn't seem to a process responsible, its likely windows is swapping excessively, in which case, you should get more ram, or failing that, create a separate 2GB (or better yet, 4GB, 4096MB should be avaiable for best performance) partition, in NTFS format, and place a page file there, as large as you can make it, and set the minimum and maximum to the same value so windows doesnt spend time messing with the size, since you dont have anything else there anyway.

    Hope that helps,


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    running 512ram
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    size 2048MB - using 716MB

    size 1024MB - using 213MB

    I love the way windows thows everything into paging when it&#39;s not been used for several hours

    as for being sluggish - check your driver versions - some of the nvida drives can casue slowdowns, check your pagefile settings - i find 2x RAM size is good, also check what you have running etc

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    sorry but how do u set your pagefile settings??
    (newbie blues)

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    Originally posted by BILLY-THE-FISH@2 August 2003 - 05:59
    sorry but how do u set your pagefile settings??
    (newbie blues)
    Start>Control Panel>System>Performance Options>Advanced>Virtual Memory>edit
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