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Thread: Looking for an invite to movie/dvd specific site with Seed Points system!

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    Ok, my internet connection sucks, so I find it very difficult to upload the required quota within time periods specified. However, the SP points system (like on Black Cat Games) is great!

    So I'm looking for an invite to a site that has dvd/rip/xvids etc.


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    Well, in BitHQ they have a lot of things to help users to keep ratio.
    Besides their good collection of DVDr they have a lot of "freeleech" movies, and this system based on "bitzs" kinda money you can change in their "Bank" for Gb upload. As soon as you signup you receive 9000 "bitzs", equivalent to a regular DVDr, and as you keep the torrent seeding you go saving "bitzs".

    I would say that with TTi is the best site for keeping ratio.

    But, even so BitHQ is not a high ranked tracker, in my opinion is an excellent site and if you want me to give you an invite I need to know more about you, at the end of the day what you do will reflect in my account, and I love that site very much and itīs important for me, so, send via PM whatever you think can help you.

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    Good luck, and you should probably remove the e-mail from your post


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