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Thread: Shutdown

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    Can someone tell me how I can set my comp not to turn of if I leave it on for a night, when I do that now after a few hours it shutsdown automaticly and won't start on it's own again.

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    Does Your computer shuts down a certain time?
    If so check Your schedules.


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    wot windows you running? in xp go to control panel, click performance and maintainance, click power options and then you should have a window come up to configure your shutdown schedule for monitor harddrive etc, in power schemes change it from "home/office desk" to " always on" and then adjust monitor settings to whatever you want as it will be set to turn off after i think 20mins. in other versions off windows its a similar process but just pick power options in control panel .

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    for most versions of windows you right-click on your desktop select properties, then screen saver, towards the bottom should be something that says "to adjust the monitor power setting and save energy, click power" so click "power" and change your "turn off hard disks", "system standby", and "system hibernates" times to NEVER, you can let your monitor turn off, it wont effect the comp.


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