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Thread: PAR2 Request - Halo 3

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    Can anyone upload [ccclx-halo3.vol007+08.PAR2] OR [ccclx-halo3.r13 and ccclx-halo3.r14] please? I would greatly appreciate it... I can't do anything with these corrupt archives until I get those. Thank you.

    EDIT: or ccclx-halo3.vol095+17.PAR2
    Just need 92 more blocks...
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    Thanks for replying.. I tried ALL of those but for some reason I can't download them using grabit... It just says "article not found". I think it could have something to do with the retention.(I have Usenetserver).

    Basically parts 13,14,20,21, and 52 are getting errors during extraction, and I'm only 92 blocks short... I'm trying to get 13+14 from a torrent, but it won't be done until tomorrow and there's a chance those could be messed up too. I'll post here tomorrow, but if anyone has these, I would appreciate very much if you could upload them or just email them to me or something.
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    Downloads just fine for me.

    Age is only 27 days. Not sure what your retention is but if 27 days is an issue, I'd recommend changing providers.

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    Hmmm, the retention is supposedly 100 days, but I tried downloading these files last night and today and it just says "article not found." Others downloaded fine so I dont know why these will not... I'm gonna try one more time.

    Nope, still won't download properly.
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    I've been having problems with retention on usenetserver too, if you are using the SSL server try switching to the normal server. Ticks me off too but really nothing you can do for a week or so

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    maybe the problem is completion on your provider and not the retention


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