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Thread: Giganews Invites Customers to 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

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    Good luck people

    Giganews Subscribers,

    2008 marks the official 10 year anniversary of Giganews! To celebrate, we are renting out a club in Paris, stocking the bar, buying door prizes, preparing the food, warming up the DJ, and inviting 200 of our closest friends.

    You might be asking yourself, how do I get invited to the Usenet party of the millennium?

    The guest list will be comprised of winners of a photo and video contest for Giganews customers. Winners will only receive tickets to the event and must pay for their own hotel and travel expenses. Here’s how to enter:

    1. Print any of the images ("props") located at .
    2. Take a photo or video of one of the printed props somewhere in your hometown – the more interesting, the better!
    (Natural landmarks and famous monuments or buildings are obvious choices, but anything is fair game. Remember, the focus is on uniqueness and creativity.)
    3. Post your video or photo on the binary newsgroup giganews.contest.
    The "giganews.contest" newsgroup will be moderated, so please keep this in mind when posting. No inappropriate entries will be allowed.
    4. The giganews.contest newsgroup is only available on Giganews’ news servers. By posting your entry to giganews.contest you will be automatically identified by Giganews through your Giganews username and entered into the contest.
    5. You may submit multiple pictures or videos, but you will only receive credit for one entry.
    6. Winners will be randomly selected from the pool of entries and sent an invitation with a special code which you will use to reserve your spot on the guest list.

    Entry to the contest will be closed at 12:01AM (GMT -6) on 16 March 2008. Winners will be selected by 21 March 2008. The party will be held the night of 10 May 2008.

    By the time you read this email, we will be accepting submissions, so charge up your cameras and get creative

    Kind Regards,
    The Giganews Team

    PS: Don’t worry North American customers. We have another party planned in North America toward the end of the year. Stay tuned

    Giganews would also like to thank Vincent Charretier with for his help in coordinating things in Paris. Vincent was a huge help and we’re looking forward to seeing him at the party

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    Yeah, they lost me when I read
    Quote Originally Posted by GigaNews
    Winners will only receive tickets to the event and must pay for their own hotel and travel expenses

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    is this going to be like that scene in 'Sea Of Love' at the beginning?

    could be a ploy to get us downloaders together in one room and pounce

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    I have a hundred dollars in my pocket that says this will be nothing but a dork/sausage party if and when it happens.

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