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Thread: how you see egyptian team in Ghana2008

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    all say his opinion about the egyptian team performance in Ghana2008

    we are africian champion

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    egypt rocks

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    The way Egypt played impressed me very much! Especially in two matches. In the group stage where they beat Cameroon and in the semifinals where they trashed Cote d'Ivore. The difference between Egypt and the other teams are:
    1) many Egyptian players play in the national league of Egypt and know eachother very good. This could be seen from the fact that the players could find eachother on the pitch very easily, very precise passing.
    2) Egypt played a more European style of play, with players very close to each other, not like other teams which had their defense spreaded all over [see Cameroon or Ghana for example]
    3) good and efficient pressing [as an example: what Zidan did to Song in the final]
    4) excellent goalkeeper. For example Cote d'Ivore have a great team with Drogba, Kalou etc, but their goalkeeper was very very weak.
    5) excellent shooters from outside the box.
    6) good mentality. Usually an African team when it leads with 2-0 they tend not to force a bigger victory.

    Just one minus:
    In the final against Cameroon they played another kind of football compared to the one in the groups against them. I believe they all felt the cup so close after trashing Cote d'Ivore and knowing what they did to Cameroon in the groups that they forgot they needed to beat Cameroon again. I believe this is why the goal came so late.

    Congratulations again on the beautiful cup you won!


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