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Thread: My 8mile Dosnt Work

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    please will someone help me my 8 mile fim which i downloaded wont work i can only hear it i play it in windows media player the file name for my 8 mile is 8.Mile(dvdscreener)Xvid-Dvl .is there a program i can get so i can watch my 8mile if there is will you please put a link to the site and tell me the program name

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    You must not use Win Media Player at all to play this (in the first place)
    But.., it's an Xvid Codec problem.

    I don't use any Klite codec tho. I use Xvid Codec from SLD (all you need to my opinion) Play's all the vids i downloaded untill now.
    Downloadable on Kazaa.

    Good Luck!

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    don't worry ..............M&M sux anywayz!

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    how do you figure he sucks?

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    kazaalite codec

    Download & Install

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    And use the BSPlayer that comes with it

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    You can use windows media player with the xvid codec installed if you want.
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