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Thread: 5minsforfighting

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    Im looking for a 5minsforfighting invite. Im a huge hockey fan and I can't watch complete games because I work in a night shift.

    If anybody could please give me an invite I will be very happy

    I can also give something in return

    Thank you very much!

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    is this the best nhl tracker?

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    Go check out Center Ice Forums, most of the torrents (if not all) are provided from there. You'll need to get linked to the torrents on 5minsforfighting anyway since they have deactivated the browsing function.

    Wish I could be of more help but I haven't been active there in 2 years. Kinda took too much time watching both NFL and NHL. >.<

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    Actually, the links on center ice are pointed to 5minsforfighting which I think is ridiculous since most of us can't access 5minsforfighting

    I would give something good in exchange for an invite

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    in your pants
    i looked for 5mins too awhile ago but to no avail. but i did come across which might fill your needs quite nicely. i hope this helps, later.

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    Thanks alot N4riX


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