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Thread: Problem With D/l Movies

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    hi, this is my first post here. sorry if this isn't in the right forum for it.
    I'm having a problem. the last 4 movies I've d/l all have had the same problem. at first I thought it might've just been a bad rip, but now I'm starting to wonder. they all play but the screen freezes about every 10-15 seconds for just an instant. they do this in every program I've used to view them with. the old movies all play fine. the thing I'm wondering, could this problem have to do with trying to download the files from too many sources? or could this just be really bad luck and I've just been getting bad rips?

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    what new movies are you having the problem with?also the type of files..
    what are the old movies you have that run fine?also the type of files..
    what programs do you use that have the problems?

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    ok.. now this is interesting.
    I type in a response and then went to test something. the movies I've had the problems with are terminator 2, the ninth gate, and highlander 4. the programs they have the problem in are wmp6.4, ati file player, and realone player.
    I just tried playing them in divx player, and they don't do the same thing. in the other programs they freeze for an instant, but in divx player it seems to skip over those freezes. you have to watch but you can tell it's like there are frames missing at the places where on the other programs it freezes.
    the movies that I downloaded that don't have any problems are: both cds of the two towers, monty python and the holy grail, the empire strikes back, and donnie darko.
    does it sound more like the original rip or that something got corrupted in my download?

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    I've had that problem if I have too many things running in the background. As soon as I disable things like peer guardian, kazaa, and norton firewall, my movies run fine. I general only have this problem with svcds though. You could try bsplayer too, it usually runs movies very well. I personally like it better then divx player.


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