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Thread: Torrentbytes down?

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    Is Torrentbytes down or is Verizon now blocking them also? When I attempt to go to the website I get a black screen with 403 Forbidden Unauthorized IP address. Any ideas? Also just so you know my account is in great standing, my ratio is either 2.3 or 3 so I don't think that's why, but who knows.

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    Works fine here. When Unauthorized IP problem occurs I restart my internet connection. It changes my IP number and I can access the site.

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    It's up for me now. Wrong thread, you should post here.

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    If you keep having this problem try accessing the site from a proxy.
    You will probably not have problems d/l since the tracker itself does not block all ips.
    Best of luck!

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    it's working fine

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    Anyone know what the recent downtime is about?

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    Verizon doesn't seem to care much about torrents or piracy as far as I'm experienced. What other site are they supposedly blocking?
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    Does not work atm
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    not working for me either, i cant even ping it

    can someone confirm that its up at this moment?

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