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Thread: Need Confirmation If Program I Downloaded Is Real

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    Recently I downloaded a personal firewall for myself called 'Norton Personal Firewall 2003'. The filename is 'Symantec_Norton_Personal_Firewall_2003_6.0-9RETAIL.exe'. I was wondering if any of you have downloaded this and can verify that it is full and working. I really want to know that this program is not fake and/or incomplete.

    Thank you for any and all help,

    Edit: By the way, It is 23,838 kb in size.

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    Try it, you have an antivirus, Not?
    Whats the problem?

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    I do have an anti-virus, and I did scan it. I also did install it without any problems. I was just wondering if it was full, 100% copy of the real thing.

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    is there any probs with it? cos if not, then its probably a full version...if there are any features missing you need, then its not
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    Well, if a program installs fine does that mean it is the real thing? I was hoping someone has/will download(ed) it and could tell me if it was real.


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