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Thread: I Need All 3 Myst Games

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    Hi i have been looking for the myst games for sometime now does anyone know where to get it

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    Are you talking about the RTS Myst games (war, fighting, 3D) or the Adventure one (puzzles, 2D)?? If its the former, then you won't find them on kazaa, I was looking for Myst 3 a while back and all I came up with was MYST rips (myst is also a ripping team )

    All I can suggest is look for them on emule, since they're available there

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    The___One your confused, the only Myst games are the crappy advdenture ones, firstperson. The one that are you are getting confused with , the 3d, rts war game is calle "Myth" and there are 3 episodes of the game, as well as "Myst" having 3 episodes.
    "Myth" is the one with the humans and dwarves vs the orcs and undead etc.

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    anubis is it u from wa?


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