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Thread: need an invite

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    Hello, I am new to the site finally got my 30 days in. I was just wondering if someone would be kind enough to give me an invite to a good site? I was a long member of demoniod until they got closed down. I have found a few sites that are ok from the open sign ups but nothing like what I was used to. I don't have anything to trade or I would. I don't have the fastest seed ratio but average around 75 kb/s sometimes a lot more up to 400 but don't know why its not always like that. I am not an expert at this as you can prolly tell. I always try to seed atleast 2 times what I get unless no leechers and been running for a few days. Hope someone can help.Maybe sometime I can return the favor. Thanks

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    Nice request.
    PM, please, I think I can help you, just tell me what kind of stuff you use.

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    at any given time theres like 10 giveaways on the 1st page of the invite section
    just skim through the WTAW sticky and then join some giveaways :]

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    what do u need?maybe i can help...

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    pisexy is open for signups.
    TCS Byatch in training


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