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Thread: Need ur help. WD 1.tb

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    hi guys,

    i need ur help i'm thinking of geting this HD

    A few ppl have said 2 me dont buy it but, what do u guys think?
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    I have two problems with premade external drives such as that one.

    First, I would not own one that used the USB's just way too slow and transferring a large file- like a DVD movie, for instance- is going to take forever.
    If your motherboard supports SATA (and has one unused port internally) an enclosure that uses eSATA will be way faster.

    Secondly, I like to know what drive is actually inside the box, info WD doesn't seem to want to share for this product. This lack of candor would lead me to suspect that the drive is one of their lowest spec units.

    I wouldn't get it.
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    Yeah, you are probably better getting the 1tb drive of your choice and then grabbing a $20-$40 external enclosure for it.

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    i bought an external hdd case for $30 and used an old pata 250gb hdd and it's connectivity is usb. so, as for the speed i transfered 200gb from it to my internal sata 500gb via usb in 3 in hours. total cost for this setup (the one in ur link) is about $300 (for the "better" hdd)but, like what was said earlier. u could get the better external hdd setup if u just buy them separately and put it together urself.

    i agree... don't buy it.
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