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Thread: Tiscali expels file sharers after BPI tip off

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    Tiscali has cancelled the accounts of broadband subscribers at the behest of the music industry. However, the ISP has now ripped-up the arrangement after an argument over who bears the cost of enforcement, casting doubt over the long-term prospects of voluntary deals between ISPs and the music industry.

    It has emerged that Tiscali, the UK's fourth largest provider, agreed last October to contact subscribers that UK music industry body, the BPI, claimed were sharing music files over P2P networks. Warning letters were sent to 21 subscribers, four of whom eventually had their accounts closed down.

    The agreement with Tiscali is exactly the sort of deal the BPI says it wants to strike with all ISPs in an effort to stamp out file sharing. But the BPI says it is not prepared to pay, while Tiscali says that it understood that the October agreement included a provision for sharing the cost of pursuing alleged sharers.

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    This is too funny, really. An organization fighting piracy won't pay the enforcer (Tiscali) for taking action but expects them to pay it themselves. That Tiscali may be operating with insufficient evidence and is quite possibly targeting its own reputation by doing so should be noted.

    Greedy bastards. They should be happy that an ISP is taking those steps voluntarily at all.


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