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Thread: Corruped Downloads

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    i am new. I have a serious problem with kazaa .A lot of files i d/l , which have been verified, are found to be corrupt when downloaded.Almost all software i download , has given me errors(when tested with zip).

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    how may i ask is this a tip?

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    That's why kazaa is crap for big files...

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    LOL , wow some one else had this problem too. I recently had this problem also but i found out a way to kind of fix it, was thinking about postin the solution here but wasn't sure if it would work every time and if n e one needed it, well since atleast one other person has this problem in going to make a post about it. So your answer should be in my next post, maybe. Oh, yes, what type of files are they? .exe, .bin, .iso, ext.

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    Originally posted by Akcsfreak@2 August 2003 - 06:00
    some one else had this problem too.
    Yes, every 56k user. KCF is the answer.
    Kazaa Corruption Fixer --> Fix any corrupted CD image, archive, or video file you've downloaded with Kazaa.


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