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Thread: How to register on Help!

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    Hello! Does anybody use this spanish games-site with good variety of xbox/xbox360 games for eMule? I am a user on nearly for 3 years already, which is similar to from the same creators. Now i want to register on also. But i have tried that for 3 months already with no result. I thought there is somekind of problem with registration and i don't understand spanish very much. I fill all the forms pushing "register" button - at the end there pops up one little window asking: "Do you accept username ***** and password *****." And when i push "OK" button - nothing happens, the page drops me at the beginning of registration again and again all the time i try. Maybe somebody knows what is wrong there or what shall i do correctly. Maybe someone knows spanish very well and can guide me about the registration steps on that site. As far as i remeber the registration page of is absolutely the same as on Or maybe xbox-rip signups are closed long time ago?
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