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Thread: Bitseduce

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    Does anyone know what happened to Bitseduce, all I get Is.

    MrGigabit Server Default page

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    somebody hacked the site, i lost my account. need a irc link please?

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    From Mr CrazyK himself:- Bitseduce got hacked, the hackers also infiltrated the "Make a Donation" Button so if you donated within the last 7 Days (from Feb 15 and on) please go to Paypal now and re-claim your donation!! Please do it fast cos there is time limits for that, so you will get your money back!

    Important Update:

    On the 21.02.08 BitSeduce was attacked. We are sorry to inform you that all PM's and Forum posts you have been reading about us moving server and the need for money are false!

    We are very sorry and we take this very serious as we know that many of our members made a donation at this point. The worst part of this is that most of the money our members sent were not to BitSeduce, but to some random Google Mail adress the theifs created. We assume "they" got away with up to 500USD. It was only luck that i logged into the site and saw the false mass PM few minutes after it was sent, otherwise it could have been much more.

    I tried to warn as many as possible not donate to the gmail adress and the site had a downtime of about 1-2h while our webhost was browsing some log files. As far as we know right now, no data has been lost. However some user accounts got banned/disabled.

    You might wonder who would do such a thing? Although we have some suspects, we don't want to throw the blame on anyone before we have some solid evidence. We do belive the attack was caused due to our very simple database password, although we can't be 100% sure only time will tell and we will keep you updated!

    What you can do to protect yourself in the meantime:

    -Never ever make a donation to another email than

    -Do not send out invites to people you don't know

    -Always reset your BitSeduce password and passkey from time to time and don't use the exact same passwords you use on other sites

    -Try to get a refund from PayPal if possible

    I will be in the BitSeduce IRC channel the next days to answer all questions and help you out as much as i can.


    On a sidenote i've been getting the same pms over and over again. Suppose the hacker is still at large.
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    Yep - it looks hacked for a long time already

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    bitseduce is working fine here


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