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Thread: Pirates Of The Caribbean Daduck

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    hey if anyone is sharing this PLZ post what supernode u're on... i've gotten about 3 MB so far at 0.15 KBps... pure torture!

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    I was gettin it fast the other day on Ares heaps fast, but ever since I got D/C I haven't been able to find one ource :'( . By the way next time post this in, Requests!

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    Sorry abt the mispost. What doy ou mean by Ares - is that the supernode name?

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    Another dumb question from your truly. How do I know what supernode I am in? I hjave looiked all over in the program and it doesn't have it lised anywhere. Is it in the properties or something?

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    no questions are dumb. u have to use kaZupernodes and look at the field saying 'ur current supernode'. if it doesnt display anything there should be a button to refresh (u'll find out what each button does when u mouseover) - click that and u'll get ur supernode.

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    Ares is another p2p app. It's alot like K Lite but less fakes, also less users!

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    Ahh, lol. ok, thx. i doubt i'll be installing another p2p but oh well... my original request still stands - if anyone is sharing this or knows what supernode is good plz post the IP and port!



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