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Thread: Any1 who knows free USENET server where the are ??

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    or are all those servers the one's we have to pay for. I was told that the good idea to download movies is to use Grabit , newsleech, or android software.

    Does it work ? .. and what about those free usenet servers , are there any that actually work and are any good ??

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    A lot of ISPs offer free usenet. I know Comcast and Road Runner does.

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    A lot of ISP's (certainly in the UK) offer Newsgroup access, and of course they are typically free.

    What you won't find unless you are extremely lucky with your ISP is a good retention and/or completion rate on posted files.

    Obviously since you mention movies specifically, you must be after back ups, which means the chances are you will need to be hitting NZB's that have probably been posted sometime ago - so retention is going to be a key concern for you.

    Let us know what ISP you use and we can probably tell you more.

    Welcome to Newsgroups !

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    I don't know any i used once giganews but i was not pleased .....

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    Yabse (slow) and Freebin (has been down for a while).

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    Quote Originally Posted by coollettuce View Post
    A lot of ISPs offer free usenet. I know Comcast and Road Runner does. also

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    even my isp provides free usenet service

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    Virgin Media do a pretty good one. It has a.b.movies.divx and pretty decent speeds (always above 1MB/s). Port 119.

    Retention is about 10 days, which is alright. A decent movie comes around every few days.

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    Life in the fast lane usenet freak

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    Roadrunner is 100 days retention. Can max out an 8mb/s line on off peak hours.

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