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Thread: Looking for a game like Age of Empires, Caesar,etc

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    I am looking for games like Age of Empires, Caesar, etc. Hope you got my point. Please suggest.thanks

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    I would say that these are two different types of games...

    If you are looking for a game that focuses mainly around building units and fighting you can look into Total War series; however, if you are looking for a game in which your main objective is to build up your cities, try SimCity.

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    warcraft 3

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    Empire Earth

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    Far as i know,the RTS games nowdays are not so good as they were...
    Anyway,you can search on gamespot for real time strategy games...there are some ''diamonds'' there but not concerning anient or roman times...

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    tryage of Mythology or Command and conquer

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    I'm not sure about the accuracy, but according to GameSpot:;more

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    Praetorians the best strategy.Old game but good game

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZaZu View Post
    Empire Earth

    nice game

    or u can try Heroes Of Might and Magic

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    Majesty is a great game if you haven't played it. I loved it and still pop it in every once in a while. Try Majesty you won't regret it, not as long as I would have hoped but fun. Theres a lot of great kingdom building sims out there most of which I can't remember the names for

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