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Thread: Wireless Pc to Tv???

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    Has anybody purchased one these bad boys and how do you rate them.

    My Tv does have a VGA pc input socket at the back of it to connect to the pc VGA monitor socket but the wireless thing looks a better option and tidier. I know the cheapest option would be to buy the cables but i don't want the laptop sat in front of the telly.

    Thanks in advance

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    I rather have my laptop sit beside the telly then to spend so much on sometimes that can be done with a cable.

    Possible I'm a dinosaur, I don't like anything that is wireless. I still prefer the reliable ancient cable.

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    I would use a cable too. Maybe you should get longer cable

    Or wireless keyboard and hook it up to the laptop. Check out ione P20 scorpius. Very compact and has a joystick for mouse control.


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