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Thread: [REQ] Waffles (Account)

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    hello all... i'm in need of a waffles account (because i know invites are closed-.-) i don't like to trade unless i have to, so if anyone wants to be generous and just pm me one i'd <3 you forever... but how do i know thats not going to happen?

    im offering:
    torrentbytes (6 gb buffer)
    thedvdclub (6 gb buffer)
    2 stmusic invites
    libbles account (never been used)
    scc account (good ratio, upload off of freeleech, no download)
    torrent-damage invite
    torrent-damage account (2.0 ratio, only partial seeded one rar)
    funfile account (with 2gb buffer)
    bitseduce account (never be used)
    metal.iplay account (with over 2 ratio, under 1gb uploaded)
    fileporn (power user, 12.5gb buffer)
    and maybe newsgroups access

    pm me with offers
    (i know it's not much, but you can take a combination if you want)
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