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Thread: Shareaza Tips And Tools.

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    Is there any good tips or tools out with shareaza?

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    Shareazaa must have a forum for this,don't you think?

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    I think that would be a better place to look than to look here.

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    accually i've asked there. they really don't seem to know much either. But i think i've found the way to get high speeds. it seems that i get high speeds when
    shareaza is minimized to the tray and i'm not looking.

    no i am serious. everytime i first open up shareaza then it's going full speed, then when i keep the window up and look at it for a while it seems to plumit.

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    Shareaza is basically emule - see if you can find any tips on that
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    shareaza is different from emule

    it duz connect to the same network as emule but it also connects to gnutella


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