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Thread: can't play any games on new vista laptop

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    just got a new vista laptop

    it came preloaded with vista premium and a bucket full of useless packard fluff so i formatted and installed vista ultimate and then loaded on the drivers from the above link

    i can't play any games, here's some pics

    when trying to play COD4

    when trying to play a demo of the first GRAW

    when i try to play san andreas, its as if there's no graphical power there what so ever, it lags like a mofo, unplayable and no nice textures.

    here's my settings.

    Now i realize this laptop isn't a gaming beast but it pisses all over my previous laptop that could play quite a few games, this should handle COD4 on some lowish settings but im getting no where with anything, i even tried the demo of Stranglehold which requires you to sell your home and car as its that demanding and i got right up to the start of the level and got the health and gun status its just the rest of the screen that was black, like there's no graphics there at all, somethings wrong here but i don't know what

    I don't like Vista one bit and im thinking of rolling back to XP (but all the drivers for this laptop seem to be in vista only on the packard site) would be good if it gets sorted in vista though as my works software will be vista ready in a months time
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    Like you said that gpu isnt gaming card, infact it sucks. I think its about same level of performance as GF 6600 GT and you cant run cod4 at playable settings with that.

    Maybe the card doesnt support SM3.0 so youre getting all those errors. Or the drivers suck. Or both.

    You could play 8 year old games fine with it such as JA2, adventure games and if you really like FPS games then wolf3d and doom For new games youre out of luck with this card.

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    my old laptop (a 5 year old thinkpad) had a worse graphic setup and could play more than what i can on this laptop, there's definitely something wrong with the software settings some where
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    Switch to XP,i hate Vista...i had a lot of probs with them at my new laptop.

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    hmm your graphics card was not made for games

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    Get a laptop with a dedicated video card, try running those games in Windows xp compatability mode, or realize that vista+gaming = not successful

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    try installing the latest drivers from nvidia at

    and checking you're up to date through Windows Update

    if it still doesn't work, reinstall vista... vista is a tempramental beast and sometimes a complete reinstallation magically fixes everything

    have you installed all the software that came with your computer? the audio drivers, chipset drivers, and so on

    failing that, maybe there's a hardware fault somewhere...


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