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Thread: Bytemonsoon & Candystore Are Back

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    For those that don't know their back . . . Candystore looks as if the actual torrents, layouts etc won't be back for a few days

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    COOL! but totally different layout of bytemonsoon

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    thats because it is not the old bytemonsoon.

    someone who used to run another torrent site, cant remember his name or the torrent site now though, but i can find out, has just took up the name and started his own. bytemonsoon was DFX`s site but he has got nothing to do with this new one. all good i suppose for the sake of bittorrent but not sure how long it will last, and i know 1 or 2 people are nott happy that he has took the name over without permision from DFX.

    but i suppose only time will tell if it can last the distance or not.


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    I keep telling people thats not the original bytemonsoon


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