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Thread: Computer Constantly Freezing...

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    alright ive just about had enough of this stuff :-\ heres some of my specs...

    dont know if that helps much cause i didnt buy this lol

    also when i format and reinstall XP my computer does fine for a week then starts freezing again

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    What kind of maintenance do you do? More data needed or I'm just guessing. AV, SSD, AAW6 etc. etc.

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    What kind of programs do you run? If their resource hogs like NAV200*, Firewalls etc you will need more RAM. Also make sure you get the same as you have currently for example if you have 256mb SDRAM PC3200. Then get 512mb SDRAM PC3200 or whatever amount of RAM in mb you want.

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    i dont run much... i just got AIM, Winamp, IE, are just about all i use

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    umm its not saying i replied so im bumping this

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    ^Bump^ im interested in this also.. maybe its your duron? i heard people say duron is bad.. but what do i know? =\

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    you could try updating your video driver first, now check ya page file settings, you might not have enough, manage them yourself, all versions of windows are shite at managing virtual memory and it gets fragmented all over the drive, very inefficient, and although xp is better than previous versions, it aint that much better, firstly turn off page file to do this right click my pc, then.... properties, advanced, performance settings, advanced, virtual memory>change and select no paging file > set, ignore warning, it will ask you to restart, do so, hit f8 at boot (before xp screen) select safe mode, ignore sytem restore option and once you up n runnin defragment ya hardrive 2 or 3 times, then repeat the above but this time select custom size, now its up to you here wot you put in but a good start is at least 2.5 x your memory, i would put in min of 800mb in the initial size box (i use 1500), now in maximum put the same amount as in initial size and click set, this will keep your page file constant, all together, and it wont fragment, restart ya pc normally. hope this helps. this applies to all versions of windows innit

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    *sigh* about how long does it take tp defrag?

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    My girlfriend's computer use to freeze up every 5 minutes and i've taken her computer to new heights. I'll tell you some of the things i did.

    Low ram isn't that bad. You just have to learn how to use it. First of all get a program that checks your startup. You have to mess around with your resources. Look at the bottom right of your computer you'll see icons. Try to lower those as much as possible. winamp, aim all of it. get into preferences and uncheck boot on startup. with as much stuff as possible. I put norton on my girlfriends computer and it works fine with ram lower than yours. She even has the lowest you can have for winxp pro and it still stable and never freezes. get a program like startman. i dont know where to get it, but do a search in google or something. get rid of some of your programs that startup with windows. you dont have to delete the programs, just make sure thier not starting up with windows. Make sure you have xp. That will make your computer more fast and stable. Then your gonna have to defragment probably about once every 2 weeks. Get norton systemworks 2003 and do normal checks on your system. your disk drives and optimize your computer 1 time every 2 weeks. If you've never defragmented your computer then it will take a long time to do it. I usually leave mine defragmenting at night when i'm sleeping. you will be able to tell after you've defragmented that it'll be faster. the more you do it the more stable your computer will become. also you can hit cltr alt delete and look in process then look at cpu to see what's hoggin your computer the most. dont overload your computer. examples (having lots of programs running at the same time. Kazaa, shareaza, grokster)(have like 5 internet explorers running.). Do things like this and see if it makes it faster.


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