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Thread: Newzbin invite please

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    The title says it all really.

    I'm on *all* of the private torrent sites, but am keen to get back into the newsgroup scene.
    I'm happy using my old school techniques, but I'd love to give newzbin a proper try.
    I'm sure that I dabbled with it a while back, but there seems to be no record of any account.

    +++ EDIT +++

    Invite received. Thanks.

    I tacked on a request to an earlier post, but it seems to be gone. I think it may be because the title was a bit confusing. if I'm out of line then accept my apologies in advance.
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    PM with e-mail and for anyone else who has been here for longer than a month and has more than 0 posts (90% of the PMs I get) just pm with e-mail.

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    What there are private NB sites too, damn Im a f*ckin no0b at this!!! Fug is the offer still open?

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    Detale one left pm me if you need one. Well until they give me five more which should be any day now.

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    could i get an invite please, damo1981

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    hey all, has anyone a spare Newzbin invite that i could have, thanks damo1981

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    not only you
    Check my blog with stuff

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    i got the invite for free! but you need to buy credit when you get in!! that means the site itself is not free

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    yeah its the invite im after and yes i know it costs afterwards, if anyone has one spare i'd be more than grateful , damo1981

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    Hey guys could i have an invite to would really appreciate it and know i have to buy credits.



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