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Thread: Abuse of TTi upload bonus system

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    There is a new trend of requests concerning TTi uploaded GB transferred as a bonus to someone's account.

    While there are truly some members who need and deserve it, there are also a lot who are abusing the system to buffer their accounts with your own hard-earned GBytes, and then effortlessly trade these accounts with something else.

    There are also quite a few members who want to reach the 50GB upload border on their very first day on the tracker and then effortlessly cap their upload speed and exchange their seed hours with GBytes of upload.

    Do a little research before helping someone and make sure he is not a lazy bastard with a fast broadband connection, or someone who doesn't give a damn about his account and only needs to trade it.

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    I was wondering why someone who has allready uploaded 45GB is asking for 5GB? With MOTW in less than 2 days every single user with a normal home connection can easilly upload 5GB.

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    Thanks for pointing this out to us znik. I'm seeing it too. I've only helped a few people out. One of my friends, just yesterday (Who I know truly deserves it). But now too many people, who I don't know yet, or even know if i could trust are asking. It is getting a little too repetitive. I will take your advice on this one. Thanks.

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    Didn't Think So!

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    I have seen A LOT of these threads..

    They are really starting to get out of hand...

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    Bad to hear. I do not like this. You get something for free and only want to benefit from it. Be ashamed if you did this.


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