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Thread: Omg Just Installed The Program..

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    Hare 1.5.1 and got the key etc and my god does this program rock

    just done the winoptimize thing and i think i can alredy tell the difference

    who else has used this program and it has helped the performance of there pc.

    oh ye 1 more thing i heard people talk about a program called cacheman is this suppost to be even better are is it a different kind of program.

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    Have you run a cleaner to remove all the spyware you just installed?

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    oops no will do

    and does that mean you dont like this program?lol

    i just want to know which is the best cacheman r hare

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    I ran this thing almost a year ago and it took ages to pick the crap out. (No spybot search and destroy back then.)

    Once that was done, I still wasn't impressed.

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    hmm search and destroy coudnt pick anything up

    im gunna try adaware 6

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    Your program comes from Dachshund Software ?If yes look at this .

    Dachshund Software informs us about their new AntiCrash software. The program purports to let you recover from system crashes without restarting, fix any damaged applications that may be causing a crash and even recover lost data from a document you were working on when a crash occurred. The "too-good-to-be-true" description of the product reminds us of the exaggerated claims for Gadget Software's Faster!. In fact, the more than a dozen readers that have already alerted us to Dachshund all suggest that the site is probably the latest resurfacing of the same software pirates responsible for Gadget Software - and that AntiCrash is likely either a hoax, stolen from some other software, or some combination of both possibilities.

    We took a brief look at the software, but have not tested it as yet. However, we remain extremely skeptical. It claims to be able to do what no other software, from respected companies such as Symantec, Micromat and Alsoft, has been able to do. Also, if you click the "Win $1000000" button on the site's home page, it takes you to a stupid joke page that is very similar to a joke page that was on Gadget's Web site. We now also have documentation, via a receipt sent to someone who actually purchased the program, that Dachshund is one and the same as Ready Software/Gadget (despite the "Caracas, Venezuela" domain registration). We can't help but feel that someone, somewhere, is getting a big laugh about the continued publicity that these likely pranks generate. We once again resolve to try never to mention these folks again!

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    chache man is a very handy app, and i would recommend it to everyone.

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    so shall i get rid of hare and just go with cacheman r use them both?


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