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Thread: PAR2 Request -- Superman.Returns.2006.1080p.HDDVD.DTS.x264.iNT-GoLDSToNE

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    I only need 25 more blocks. These 2 files would probably help a lot. I searched everywhere can't find them

    "superman.returns.2006.1080p.hddvd.dts.x264-gold.part067.rar" is missing
    "Superman.Returns.2006.1080p.HDDVD.DTS.x264.iNT-GoLDSToNE.vol67+22.PAR2" is damaged

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    Here's an nzb for the missing rar.

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    thanks but i get "article not found" it's probably my usenet server fault

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    Thank you much, Ludvig. I really appreciate it

    unfortunately.. that wasn't enough. need one 1 more block
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    Try to unrar anyway and tell me at which block number Winrar stops.I'll post it for you.
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    It stops in the first one:

    superman.returns.2006.1080p.hddvd.dts.x264-gold.part001.rar: Packed data CRC failed in superman.returns.2006.1080p.hddvd.dts.x264-gold.mkv. The volume is corrupt

    But there are a lot of incomplete files. In quickpar this one says "Incomplete 21/22 block available". Maybe a different one will be more useful, part118.rar says Incomplete 18/22 block available". Don't know.. have no idea how this par2 thing works anyway

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    Okidoki !
    parts 1 and 118:
    Now,you dl and install Parbuddy 2.30 and once everything is loaded you tick "Check,repair and unrar" (Something like that) and "Start".
    Now,if this doesn't work...

    all you blocks must be 95.3 Mo (Except the pars).Is it the case ?

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    FINALLY!! thank you so much!! it's repairing now. I have not used parbuddy, but i have downloaded it and will install and try soon.

    i love you

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    Glad I could help you !


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